Exploring the comforting world of cruise

Exploring the comforting world of cruise

An expedition cruise can be to venture the remoteness of the world, spotting rare species and exploring the wilderness. The food is delicious, drinks plentiful, the relax areas splendid and the craft offers a comfortable transport in all weather conditions. With the patented X-BOW, the journey will be even more comfy.

With ten decades of maritime expertise, Ulstein Group has brought forward numerous maritime innovations to ease the life at sea. With a reference list of several hundred vessels, our shipbuilding know-how secures the cruise passengers’ well-being even when rounding the Cape Horn or sailing straight into the ice-mixed waters of the far south and north.

Enjoy the fun
The word ‘comfort’ when planning on a cruise holiday, might bring forward associative words such as: Spacious cabin, pool, sun deck, tanning, cocktails, spa or relax. The most important part of ‘comfort’, though, is the ability to sleep or rest without interruption, in order to fully enjoy all the other fun parts.

As long as the weather is great, and winds and waves are favourable, the passengers’ choice of cruise vessel can probably be anyone, according to what services and activities they prefer. However, if the cruise goes to areas or at a time of the year where sea and weather conditions can be demanding, the passengers’ must be offered the most suitable ship platform to fully enjoy the fun parts of cruising.

No slamming. No vibrations. No noise
The more waves, winds and currents, the more movements in a ship. All ships behave differently, and the hull shape has an impact on this. The patented and award-winning X-BOW® hull cuts through the waves. With a soft entry into the sea, the slamming will be eliminated. This means that the abrupt stops, noise and vibrations that can be experienced on other types of vessels, are minimised and negligible on these vessels.

Quick transit to the next exciting experience
For the passengers’ comfort, the sea-keeping ability of a cruise vessel must be high, in order to bring the vessel swiftly from one calm area to another. An X-BOW vessel can keep speed while keeping up the comfort, and the transit time predictability is increased.

Slippery decks – not on these vessels
The X-BOW lines split the wave energy rather than crushing the waves and create spray. With the X-BOW, the decks remain dry, which is of importance to the passengers’ safety. It takes very little water to start being a hazard, or simply a nuisance, particularly in cold areas, where the spray can turn into ice.

Maritime expert
The company having developed the X-BOW was established 100 years ago, in a small village at the brink of the Norwegian Sea, one of the toughest sea areas of the world. In 1917, most of the ULSTEIN employees were shipbuilders, but also fishermen, challenging the seas in their small wooden fishing vessels, through all kinds of weather.

Our origins have brought us to where we stand today, in the midst of the Norwegian maritime cluster, and still at the edge of the Norwegian Sea. We know the tough parts of sea – and how to handle it.

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